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Awards, Nominating and Category Information

You may be nominate someone for one or all three of the categories.
We will Honor and Award Extraordinary Young People from three categories including:

  • Talent
  • Personal Achievement
  • Charity

The participants are chosen from YOUR nominations and judged in three age brackets:

  • 6 - 12
  • 13 – 17
  • 18+ (including adults with a heart for youth).

…and there are Three Special Young Adventurers MVP Awards!
The MVP Awards Honor those that best help Young Adventurers accomplish its goals.

  • Man of the Year!
  • Woman of the Year!
  • Young Person of the Year!

Incentives and opportunities are given throughout the year to ALL nominees & members.
All Official winners will be Honored and Awarded at Dream Night!

Talent: This category includes Singers, Musicians, and Dancers, Performers or anyone that demonstrates a high-level or unique talent or gift. (This is intentionally a broad category that also includes a range from Art, acting, theater, writing, etc.) Note: Those that demonstrate that they are using their gifts and talents to serve others, while also pursuing their own dream and vision are graded higher.

Personal Achievement: This is a category for those have demonstrated extraordinary accomplishment, sustained commitment and passion, or courage overcoming adversity. Your story is important! There are amazing young people that excel in spite of illness, adversity or economics; and others have accomplished great things by dedication to education or vocation, etc. They are inspiring and we want to find them!  

Charity: We are looking for the Good Samaritans! Those people young and old, that have given of themselves and their resources to make the world a better place. Those that have shown an acts of kindness or giving in unusual ways or in a time of crisis, or one who has shown an extraordinary and sacrificial commitment to the betterment of others.

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