Nina's Story!

Nina's story is one of strength and purpose. Nina first came to YA in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida as a member and volunteer. Her passion to serve was obvious and she demonstrated herself as classy example of strength and character for young people everywhere. Her love for children and youth; and her poise and speaking ability made her the perfect host for Young Adventurers television reality show pilot "Be Someone's Hero!"  Nina served her church in Florida as a secretary and served on several committees and service projects; but her passion was working youth and missions. It wasn't long before she organized and took a large group on a mission trip to her home country of Bulgaria.

Her love for the Bulgarian homeland and her strong faith pressed her into a life changing cross-roads. As her heart became increasingly burdened, she determined to raise the funds needed to move to Bulgaria in 2013. When she stepped out on her faith, the doors began to open. Soon she was using her abilities to speak English and Bulgarian to interpret for large and small ministries all over Bulgaria and Europe. Her passion to serve also led her to the A21 Organization to join the enormous fight against Human Trafficking.

Today she is continuing her work and ministry established in Bulgaria, and  she's expanding with trips to other European Countries. And she has been very instrumental in helping to establish Young Adventurers in Bulgaria. Because of Nina's faith, strength and purpose we have introduced Young Adventurers through speaking conferences in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and even Sweden. Thank You Nina!


Nina's Story! 


from Sophia, Bulgaria

An Alumni of Young Adventurers

since 2010

Nina's Current Vision