Nick's Story!

​Nick Aquilino has always been ahead of his time, born 6 weeks early, underweight, with a severely diminished respiratory system. Struggling to fend off countless life threatening respiratory ailments as a toddler, it’s a miracle Nick is alive, yet alone to be belting out such soulful sounds from his now fully developed lungs. In his treatments and training to develop his respiratory system, Nick showed a natural aptitude and joy for singing, which was first noticed at the age of 5, and his hard work in both academics and performing has paid off. He has raised a lot of money donating his time performing for the Make a Wish Foundation and he has won the last 3 years in the YoungArts National Foundation

As an active member of musical theater, choir and other civic performance groups, Nick was exposed to the charitable side of the music business, which sparked his passion to work with and perform for “Tunes For Tots” and the “Make a Wish Foundation” and Nick continues to be quite passionate about these charities. Requests for Nick to perform at various venues to help raise funds for charities started coming in at the young age of 13, and still continue today.

In addition to Nick’s extensive regional and touring theater resume, Nick is adept at the drums, keyboards, piano, animation drawing, and speaking Chinese, while also maintaining an “A” average in school. At the age of 15 Nick was busy performing cover music of fan favorite songs which were inspired by Robin Thicke and collaborations by Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. In 2013 Nick decided to focus more on his own specific style of smooth R&B and Hip Hop, wrote 12 original songs.

Nick is now 16, and his most recent writing and producing collaboration with co-writers Keith Ridenour and Pete Masitti, resulted in his 2 newest releases: “Perfect” and “Ready When UR Ready”. These new songs reflect the soulful R&B, Hip Hop and smooth Pop style of Nick Aquilino. Born and raised in South Florida, Nick is a huge Miami Heat fan, and was amazed to hear one of his sports idol’s, Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat say:

“Nick is a talented kid, but most importantly, he is a great person”

Even with success at such a young age, Nick remains grounded, which he attributes to his ever supportive and loving family, strong faith in the Lord, and his deep gratitude for simply surviving his first few tenuous years of life.! 

Nick's Story! 


from Florida

An Alumni of Young Adventurers

since 2013

Nick's Current Vision

Singing, Acting, Writing