The Steese Fire Department where Hunter first got his start at just 19.

Hunter's Story!

Hunter's first experiences with Young Adventurers took him on several trips to explore the wilderness of Alaska; and he learned to sail in the Caribbean seas of the Abaco, Bahamas. When YA first began raising money for orphanages in Nepal and India; and also for other YA's seeking to travel on medical missions trips - Hunter was the first person to respond and donated money, even though he was only 11 years old at the time! His spirit of giving continued and several times he gave unselfishly to YA, his church and other ministries.

Those early travels gave him the thirst for adventure and a desire to see more - especially in Alaska. In YA he learned to diligently seek out his dreams and live a life of purpose. Those desires combined with his discipline molded a fearless and fascinating young man with real integrity. When a door opened to live in Alaska he jumped at the chance, when he was only 18 years old. When he landed in Alaska it was Christmas Eve, -26 degrees, in several feet of snow, and he had no job. Fearless, he weathered the cold and eventually landed a job with an oil company in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska - known as "The North Slope." But working for an oil company wasn't his dream, but merely a stepping stone to it. Although he has to daily battle a life long disease similar to diabetes he pressed on and joined their volunteer fire department.

A company training, turned into a fire-school opportunity and again he jumped at the chance and left the job security behind to follow his dream. Then he faced his biggest test of all - himself! Having never been a strong student, he knew that he had to change if he stood any chance of achieving the grades he needed at the University of Alaska, to fulfill his dream - and he did!

Today at only 22 years old, he achieved his dream and serves as Firefighter and EMT3. He has served in the two largest cities in Alaska, driving the main engine and ambulance, fighting fires and saving lives - in the Land of Adventure, Alaska! 

Hunter's Story! 


from Alaska

An Alumni of Young Adventurers

since 1998

Hunter's Vision