Ellen's Story!

Ellen's story is one of shear compassion and grit. That is why she was nominated as an Extraordinary Person in the Personal Achievement Category! She graduated from Belmont University in 2013, and the pursuit of her dreams and education led to worldwide adventures! She had a vision and desire to see the world; but she also had the grit and determination to work and make it a reality. Her persistence paid off and she traveled to Israel, Turkey, Greece and Peru, just to name a few. But it was her trip to Peru that attracted our (Young Adventurers) attention. After seeing a documentary on The Lost Children of Peru, she and two friends determined to go and volunteer. At the time she was pursuing a nursing education, she had some experience and felt compelled to volunteer. She raised all the money herself to make two separate month long trips to volunteer to help these children.

Not long after that she had to overcome the tragedy of losing her big brother to ALS. But before he died, she was there serving and taking care of him every time she was needed, and there again to help raise money to defeat the dreaded ALS.

Today at only 23, she is serving as a Cardiac ICU Nurse in a major hospital in Memphis, Tennessee; and she plans to continue nursing, teaching and serving others! Wow, what a story! 

Ellen's Story! 

The Hogar in Peru Where Ellie Traveled to volunteer to serve these precious children facing medical challenges


from Tennessee

An Alumni of Young Adventurers

since 2011

Ellen's Current Vision

Nursing, Teaching & Serving