CJ's Story!

​CJ, has shown time and again the endless depth of her compassion and the monumental capacity of her dedication. She is both incredibly talented and has experienced so much at such a young age. CJ is only 15 and last year she made it through to the X-Factor semi-finals.

Simon Cowell said: "...she is a natural born singer... she is born to be fantastic." 

​​CJ is a very busy girl but manages to balance academics, music theatre, performance, acting and charity work. She currently holds an academic scholarship and is the Vice-President of her class at American Heritage. CJ also believes in giving back to the community and is committed to supporting charitable organizations through her performances and musical ability.  She performs for the American Cancer Society, puts on a Halloween Haunted charitable dinner and performance with her friends at the Ronald McDonald House. She performs annually for the Miami Dolphins Cycle Challenge for Life at Sun Life Stadium, for the holiday showcase for children at St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach, as well as for the children at Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital in Hollywood, FL., She also performs at area nursing homes, for the Davie Soroptimist Society, the Make A Wish Foundation and the Upstander's Ball and Children Resources Ball. She serves as a Peace Ambassador for NVEEE, a national anti-bullying organization, and performs at seminars, conventions, and events, and speaks about her experiences being bullied while attending public school.

CJ is a Young Adventurer and a prior participant of Dream Night. She was selected as one of the top talents and invited to go on tour in 2013.  And... CJ started her own charitable organization "CUPTS" an acronym for Cheering Up People Through Singing and has performed with her peers in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

The person nominating CJ said this....  "CJ does a lot for the community and never boasts, brags, or complains, that's why she is truly extraordinary!"

CJ's Story! 


 from Florida

An Alumni of Young Adventurers

since 2012

CJs Current Vision

Singing, Performing, Acting