Bradley's Story!

Bradley's first experiences with Young Adventurers took him to explore the wilderness of Alaska and to sail the Caribbean seas of the Abaco, Bahamas. Those early travels gave him the thirst for adventure and a desire to see more. Those desires combined with his commitment molded a fascinating young man.

Now, Bradley has been nominated for his personal  achievement because of his character, integrity, and his dedication and passion for learning the field of Biomedical Engineering. Bradley graduated from the University of Memphis in 2014 and is entering medical school soon. The pursuit of his educational dreams and his love for travel have taken him to South Africa, London, San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis, Boston, and Atlanta. Last year, working with two other team members competing against sixty other Universities, Bradley and his two friends designed and produced an amazing and fun Mobility Device for children with motor-limitations such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida.

See his news covered by WREG News Channel 3 here at this link:  

The 2014 Senior Design Competition for Rehabilitation & Assistance Devices was presented and judged by The World Congress of Biomechanics in Boston, Massachusetts. Their fun and functional design excelled to the top of stiff competition from the sixty other schools. When the dust settled, he and his two friends were selected among the top six finalists!

Way to go, Bradley ...Congratulations! 

Bradley's Story! 


from Memphis, Tennessee

An Alumni of Young Adventurers

since 1999

Bradley's Current Vision

Medical School

Biochemistry & Biomechanics