Andre's Story!

Andre is an overcomer. Andre is one of the very first Charter Members of Young Adventurers; and he has an amazing story! If he had wanted to live the life of a "victim" he could have found an excuse, but he refused and overcame the "hood.". When he first joined Young Adventurers in middle school, he showed class, humility and ambition. He was at every YA meeting, going to gymnastics, karate, riding, scuba, dance, body building and acting. He was dedicated to acting and YA gave him the chance to be a part of a big budget film being shot in South Florida. Soon he was on the set of the movie "Drop Zone" working as an "extra." He also traveled all over America each summer with YA to Hollywood, the Grand Canyon, and many more States and historical sites; but it was the "acting" that was in his blood. As he grew into his teen years he faced a great tragedy when sister went missing and was later found murdered; but Andre overcame. The step-father he loved and admired died when he was fifteen, but Andre overcame again. It wasn't long before he helped his mother start a family café, then he started his own barbershop; but he still had the "acting bug" from his early YA days. The love for travel and the courage to believe in himself that he had gained from YA led him to follow his dream to live in Hollywood; and he moved to Beverly Hills. In Hollywood he not only tried his hand at more acting, he also started another high-end barber shop, and called it what else... Andre' Beverly Hills!

Today, he is 35 years old and married. And just a few months ago he felt compelled to come back home to South Florida, but he brought some Hollywood back with him. While in California, he became very interested in health and natural foods and eventually launched his own brand of all-natural hot sauce. He calls it, what else... Andres'. When we interviewed him for this story, we were amazed at his success. When asked,  Andre said that his desire is not only for the continued success of his business but that he can become more involved with YA and teach other young people how to overcome, and follow their dreams!

Andre's Story! 


from Floria

An Alumni of Young Adventurers

since 1992

One of the first YA Charter Members

Andre's Vision